About Us

About Us

Sristy Human Rights Society (SHRS) is a non-profitable organization in Bangladesh, established on the 10th of December, 2014, to work on establishing and protecting the Human Rights of the poor and vulnerable women, men, and children in Bangladesh. Our organization believes that human rights are the basic elements of human development as well as of the social and economic development of a country.

Sristy Human Rights Society (SHRS) recognizes the fact that these rights have been incorporated into the Constitution as fundamental principles of state policy and fundamental rights of all persons. Most codified laws are also in force to protect the rights of the citizens and the persons living in Bangladesh but at the same time, it is convinced that due to the lack of proper enforcement these laws have been rendered ineffectual. The root causes of the violation of human rights are the lack of knowledge and the lack of voice of the people and poor governance in the government agencies.

For the total development of the country, it is essential that endeavors are taken to instill respect and knowledge of the laws, rights, and obligations amongst the public. This is possible through the enforcement and promotion of Human Rights and as such Sristy Human Rights Society (SHRS) sees itself as a force and partner of choice in this movement and dedicates itself to promoting the administration of justice, the Rule of Law, and secures legal guarantees for the protection of the basic Human Rights of persons in Bangladesh.

To achieve the objectives, the Sristy Human Rights Society (SHRS) has a membership of 500 voluntary activists in its 300 Chapters located at City Corporations, districts, and sub-district levels. This makes the Sristy Human Rights Society (SHRS) an effective tool in guaranteeing access to justice for all irrespective of gender, class, ethnicity, etc.

Strategic Directions (2014 – 2022)

Rights and Social Justice

Legal aid support and influences policies & practices at all levels to promote human rights & social justice.

Social Accountability 

Developing a functional model that can be replicated throughout the country in order to promote and protect human rights as well to improve the access to justice.

Constituency   Building

Development of constituency within the framework/ areas.


Strengthen the capacity of the chapter to utilize skilled & experienced volunteers to enforce human rights.


Organizational restructuring to cope with and address new challenges.

Policy Level Management

Sristy Human Rights Society has necessary policy procedures and practices to ran the organization effectively and efficiently which are:

  1. HR and Administrative policy
  2. Financial policy
  3. Procurement policy (Including Emergency Procurement policy use for disaster management)
  4. Gender policy
  5. Environment policy

Working Area

We cover 15 districts out of 64 districts in the country through its 300 chapters at districts and sub-district level. These areas are covered by two types of personnel i.e. paid staff and non-paid volunteers.

1. Awareness Education

One of the root causes of the violation of human rights is the lack of knowledge and the lack of voice of the people and poor governance in the government agencies. Awareness education to the target people both of service receivers and service providers including law enforcement agencies is one of the potential programs of the organization on clamming and protection of human rights and social dignity.


2. Parallel Investigation /fact-findings

On the basis noticed received through Thana monitoring, outsourcers’ information and newspapers the organization conducts parallel investigate the cases important on the ground of human rights. Findings of parallel investigations conducted in selected cases are documented and referred to the relevant authority as appropriate. And at the same time provide further assistance needs for the particular case (including legal aid, mediation, appropriate legal & judicial steps, procuring evidence & witnesses etc.). Further, the fact-findings mission on national sensitive and public interest cases for evidences to share with wider audience with the aims to develop common opinion for policy advocacy (policy advocacy refers to – (1) policy implementation (2) policy reformation (3) policy  formation – which is needed).


3. Mediation

There are many issues / disputes with the families in the communities could be solved through arbitration / mediation. Many of the poor helpless women, children and men victims don’t get proper justice due to lack of understanding what to do. Very often they are also deprived by the local traditional leaders.  To assist to the victims of family / social conflicts this organization provides mediation / ambition support for proper solution in legal framework. We have mediation facilities at every chapter of 50 chapters along with 3 mediation centre in big cities of the country.


4. Legal Aid support

Legal Aid Support to victims to access to justice is one of the main programs of Sristy Human Rights SocietyAccess to justice is not always easy to the poor and vulnerable people in our country. In many cases the poor and helpless victims do not feel encourage to go to court for justice, rather s/he accept injustice / unfair settlement made by the local influence people. This organization has more then 50 lawyers all over the country to provide legal aid support. Some of sensitive legal battles are (from Sristy Human Rights Society archive).

5. On-spot monitoring (Thana, court hajat, hospital)

Victims come to Thana to file FIR / GD or case with the aims to get justice as well as to punish the culprits, but very often their FIR / GD or cases don’t lodge / file appropriately due to lack of adequate knowledge or due to negligence of the assigned police officers. This practice is more acute in the case of poor and helpless women, children and men. As a result, the cases become dismiss or jeopardize in the trial a court. To establish a mechanism at Police Station to provide support the victims professionally and lodge their allegations properly and correctly for justice, the organization has an activity named ‘On-spot monitoring’ to monitor and support of the Thaana, court heat, hospital since 2015.

6. Young Leadership Development

To promote and protect human rights in a sustainable more it needs to change mind set of the community people. The young generation is the tomorrow’s leader. They, especially the students have potential influential over her / his family. Family is the primary unit of a community. If the rights and dignity of women and girl are recognized and practiced in families, then this will lead the whole community to do same. With this aims to develop future leader and to influence family as well as community, this organization select the “student to family approach”.  Under this approach we have an activity of orientation and motivate students of colleges, schools and madrasha. In last two years we oriented more 300 students and have target through providing human rights literacy, awareness sessions / classes and different events.


7. Lifesaving & livelihood support

Providing lifesaving medicate to critically insured survivors and small assets transfer to extremely vulnerable survivors for mainstreaming in the society is one of our sub-activities. Sometimes some women become as extremely vulnerable losing all income earning means of living. In those cases they poorly need any way for living. In these cases the organization supports them with small assets for their survival that will lead them to normal life and mainstream in the society.


8. Local Platform / Chapters strengthening

 Local platforms are the basic strength of the organization to protect and to promote human rights across the country. To address the human rights issues all over the country, the Sristy Human Rights Society has a membership of 300 voluntary activists in its 150 Chapters located at City Corporations, districts and sub-district level.

Human Resources

 At present we have 10 full time non paid staff in head office and 150 non-paid volunteers in 100 chapters all over the country.


Current Programs

 All the activities / programs of Sristy Human Rights Society are aimed to protection and promotion of human rights. The current main activities Sristy Human Rights Society are:

Legal Status:

Registered under the NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh 

Registration No. 3196

Registered under the Directorate of Social Services, Government of Bangladesh,

Registration No. Dha-09399

Account Details:

Bank Name: Agrani Bank Limited

Bank Branch : Senpara Parbata, Mirpur-10, Dhaka

Account Name: Sristy Human Rights Society

Account No: 0200 010 340 469

Routing No: 010 264 210

Branch Code: 8296

Swift Code: AGBKBDDH