As the Corona Virus literally shaking the entire world, the crisis is also hitting the economy and lives of people in Bangladesh hard. The situation in Bangladesh remains highly vulnerable as hundreds of thousands of people are at high risk of the disease spread. In the lockdown situation, people are feeling fear, tension, with no income, employment and restricted mobility. The poor and needy people are suffering the most.

In this current climate, the poor people and children are even at a greater risk- overcrowding, lack of sanitation, awareness, minimum medical attention makes them highly vulnerable.

In collaboration with SHRS  has come forward to help the poor people with emergency aid and food assistance. SHRS is providing safety items- masks, soaps, gloves, sanitizers for the people, protective equipment-PPE for the front-line service providers.

We just pray and want to help stop the spread of COVID-19 before it gets much worse. Please help for SHRS for more ability to serve the humanity in need of assistance. With your support SHRS can do a lot and go a long way. SHRS is also providing emergency food assistance to the affected poor people, 3rd gender, Street Children. Every little help counts. Please continue your support for SHRS.

Sristy Human Rights Society also distributed food and gifts among the students of ‘Alor Michil’, a school for the poor and homeless children, at Mirpur’s Senpara in Dhaka.