‘Sristy’ distributes relief among flood victims in Shibchar

Sristy Human Rights Society distributed food items including water purification tablets in the severely flood-affected area of ​​Shibchar Upazila in Madaripur. They handed over water purification tablets, 10 kg rice, one kg pulses, and one-liter edible oil to the elderly and helpless people of these areas.

Shahadat Hossain Munna, Vice President of Sristy Human Rights said, “with the severity of rainy monsoon, the flood situation in the country is becoming worse. Due to the floods, river erosion has started anew. Thousands of people have been stranded in such a situation. The number of starving people is gradually increasing. Various waterborne diseases have started spreading in the form of epidemics.

`In this situation, we have come forward to provide water purification, medicines as well as safe food to the flood-affected people. We will continue these activities’, he added.


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