We Speaks for YOU

Along the sick people



We belief in humanism.We fight for human rights the truth.Always with the unsustainable people.

Stand aside the old people



We are with the Poor people to make some share of happiness.

Fight for Women Rights



We always try to change the society who fight in poverty.

Sristy Human Right Society

We start our  all effort to build the root level cause more than 80% people stay on the root level.

SHRS build to help the poor and suffered people to relief their pain.

We take care the Orphan,   Poor  people who have none  to get the survival hand,

The old community at the End of life who suffer,

The street boy,

The people who in  trap by unconsciousness,

We cooperate them to the realty of Human though they are too weak to survive.



Core Activities

Donate at EID

SHRS share some gift at Eid festival to the poor people who have the right to be happy even in poverty.

Old feeding Center

We meet and feed them in different festival with some time of happiness.

Fight with Poverty

We have no enough but we dream in humanity,Thus we never think to back.We are dreaming to change.

Education Right

We are in trying to make some education center free of cost .

Old people shelter

We hope to make a shelter for old aged people who have no shelter.

We are one

We are HUMAN,thus we are in dream of changing something we think to change.